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28" x 21" x 60"
Finish: Puritan Gray, other custom colors available with large quantity orders.
Ergonomic Design: Sloped writing surface with smooth waterfall front edge.
         > Designed to handle a 20" ballot on
             both landscape and portrait orientations.

Ease of Use - Deploy 10 Booths in Less Than a Minute

Forget everything you know about voting booth set-up: the time, the cost, the frustration. ReadyVote is proud to introduce the fully patented* ReadyVote Voting Booth — the ultimate in durability, convenience, privacy and affordability.

The Convenience of ReadyVote Saves You Time & Money

Made in America, this revolutionary booth is the easiest to set up because no set-up is required. Thanks to innovations such as its built-in wheels, smooth flowing shape and nesting design, the ReadyVote requires no lifting or carrying, saving you time and energy. The innovative nesting feature of ReadyVote, offers a compact and space-saving solution that is without equal in the industry, storing in less than one square foot of space.

Sturdy Construction & Maintenance Free

Talk about durability. With its large, sturdy surface, the ReadyVote is built to last. Its steel construction and design elements eliminate the need for routine maintenance or parts replacement.

Your All-Around Ideal Voting Booth Solution

When you consider all of the above, and the fact that ReadyVote is HAVA approved and ADA compliant, you've never had an easier purchasing decision to make when it comes to voting booths.


ReadyVote saves you time, energy and money. It requires no lifting or carrying to store or use on Election Day. Unmatched in durability, quality, versatility and convenience, the ReadyVote Voting Booth is the last voting booth you'll ever need to purchase.


Suitcase-Style Voting Booths ReadyVote Voting Booth
Repeated lifting and carrying No lifting or carrying
Prone to breakage Durable
Difficult and time-consuming set-up Can deploy 10 booths in one minute
Requires ongoing maintenance No need for replacement parts or other maintenance costs
Large storage space required Reduced storage space requirements; store 600 ReadyVote booths in a 4' by 100' area
No options Brake casters, color and identification decals are among available ReadyVote options
Unstable design Sturdy, ergonomic design
Accommodates 20" landscape ballot Accommodates 20" landscape and portrait ballots
Limited voting configurations Multiple configuration options (see graphics below)

Multiple Configurations
Nesting Staggered Circular In-Line
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